So Long

I have often been accused of writing exclusively sad, slow and meandering songs. That is mostly true. There are a ton of downers on their way, but before we get to them, I figured I’d prove that I can write upbeat and straightforward songs. This is one I wrote this week and recorded in a couple of quick sessions. Lyrically it deals with themes that pop up quiet often in my music, namely the murkiness of human relationships. There is rarely a right or wrong. Everything is based on assumptions and individual perspective. Once we strongly identify with our own way of thinking we are through. The only thing that can definitively be said about any relationship is that there needs to be people involved. Beyond that, it’s all open for interpretation. But…boy, can we fight for our own perspective and manipulate to keep the fight going!

So Long

maybe I have nothing left to do
maybe I’m a fool and I’m through
in either case, the fact remains
between the pages, day to day
the only constants here are me and you

maybe I was looking for a fight
maybe I was hoping for a slight
as we lay, the bed we’ve made
envelops us, and chokes away
the air we need to breathe and be alive

and we said, “so long” to our old me’s
so long ago
is it so hard to remind me
that I don’t have to go it alone

assuming i don’t have to go alone
because no one ever mentioned if that’s true
it seems to me the things you need to grow
are the very same you cannot know
without first going through

and I said, “so long’ to knowing things
so long ago
how hard could it be
to admit that you know what you don’t know

assuming that you know what you don’t know
assuming that I do know what I’m doing
no rest will come today, we’ll feel the same
until we take a break
this pace – as much to blame as me and you

and i said, ‘so long’ to wanting things
so long ago
and now I’m nothing
no wants or needs, no cares, no incentives to show

assuming there’s no incentive to show

copyright 2019
written, performed and produced by m. burt

2 thoughts on “So Long

  1. Dimitris Miaoulis says:

    No matter what you always need a good melody and So Long will have you hitting the replay button. The lyrics remind of the first time I heard John Lennon’s Double Fantasy album and I thought how it was in a mature adult context not teenage angst.


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