Through Pursed Lips (Demo)

Pristine songs straight out of the studio are great, but I have always been equally interested in demos and session tracks. Through them you can trace the evolution of a song from seed to tree. After years of making music, you end of with – well it used to be tapes, but now its – tons of files. Many different versions of the same songs. Live versions, demos, rehearsals, alternate takes, etc. No matter who your favorite band, outtakes are always fun to listen to.

Below is the demo for Through Pursed Lips recorded 1/9/18. I don’t remember anything about recording this, but I found it on my phone recently, when I was looking for new song ideas. I can hear my son at 0:26 and later a door slams. I’d image I had about a four minute window to record this crappy demo before the idea was lost to the void.

Through Pursed Lips – Demo 1/9/18

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